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At Long Last- Lost and Found, Part 2

Title:  Lost and Found, Part 2
Author: Mustang_bex1126
Characters:  Torchwood, originals.
Rating:  R, swearing, and the story overall is not good for the kiddies.
Summary:  Part 5 of the "To Err Is Human" Series.  Owen has returned, and the members of Torchwood find themselves deep inside a mysterious plot that runs throughout the entire organization.
Disclaimer:  Everyone and everything belongs to the BBC, hell, they own me too.

A/N:  You know who really owns me?  My fantastic beta,

silver_x_cross,  who banged this out for me so I could update and post again!  Also- thanks to anyone who reads this, I know it's been a rather long time.  


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TItle:  Restoration
Characters:  Ianto
Summary:  REALLY Angsty, goes with my other ficlets- Intoxication, Consumption, Attraction, and Reaction.
Rating:  PG
Disclaimer:  I'm just playing with somebody else's toys.

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More Fic, hooray!

Title:  Lost and Found, pt 1
Author: Me!
Characters: Pretty much all Owen, all the time, with some OCs
Rating: R, for swearing and adult themes
Summary: Owen's not with Torchwood anymore, what's he up to?
Disclaimer: I'm just playing in somebody else's sandbox, promise not to make a mess.
Author's Notes:  Just a bit of a warning, deals with death and suicide, may be a bit traumatic if you don't know it's coming.  Hope I've captured the emmotions and situations faithfully.

BIG OLD THANKS to the lovely jo19844for the beta read and Brit picking!  Couldn't have done it without you!

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Title: A New Routine
Author: Me
Rating: T for teen? Nothing terribly exciting, but the whole series is not for the kiddies.
Summary:  Owen has gone, and the others compensate, but something is going on within Torchwood.
Author's Notes:  Comes after Series One, and follows my fic "To Err is Human" and "Boxed Lives"
Disclaimers:  not mine, no money, just fun.

Thank you so very much to jo19844  for making this worth reading!

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Title:  Reaction
Author:  Me
Characters: Ianto and Jack
Rating:  PG 
Summary:  Similar to Intoxication, Consumption, and Attraction- although *definitely* not sad this time.
Disclaimer:  I don't even own any action figures.

A/N:  Short, as always, under 350 words.  Not beta'd, so please let me know about any mistakes or issues!
Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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More of the same

Title: Consumption
Author:  Me
Characters:  Jack/Ianto
Rating:  PG I suppose
Summary:  A bit of chemistry between the two men, from Ianto's POV.  A bit like Intoxication, I think I might be stuck in this mode.
Disclaimer:  Not mine, no money, just fun.

Once again- Short/unbeta'd, if you see a problem, just let me know and I'll fix it.  Sorry for spamming.

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More Torchwood stuff.

Title:  Boxed Lives
Author:  Me
Characters:  Jack, Ianto, etc..
Rating:  Don't know- M/NC17.  There's sex, don't read if you're shy.
Summary:  Jack boxes another soul, the team tries to go on normally.
Warning:  Let's just say, you should have seen the whole first series, and it should be fine reading this if you haven't read my first massive thing, although it's a bit of a 'sequel'.
Disclaimer:  Not mine, no money, just fun.
Thank you to flopsy_cottonfor my beta read.

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Part Five, "To Err Is Human..."

Well, here it is!  The end of my massive story.  Thank you for reading if you've come this far, hallo to all of my RL and Eljay friends who are here because what I was doing was outed to them and their curiosity got the best of them!  Thank you

talkingtoatwigfor working so hard and getting this done so fast!  I couldn't have done it without you.  I hope I've done the 4 or 5 women who inspired "Reggie" justice.  =)
Previous Bits:
Takeaway Girl
Dire Consequences
A Very Bad Idea

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Last but no least: Thank you to

kimmi_87, libbyalice, bryoney, lady_kirroyale, sunstar77, tiggerbrasilf, and  darklady7for all your encouraging comments throughout!