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Part Four: To Err is Human...

Thank you so much talkingtoatwigfor getting through this far with me!

Reggie confronts Owen, Owen confronts Jack, Jack and the team finally confront of their prisoner 'problem'.  Promptly things go from bad to worse.
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They told the cab driver they’d be waiting downstairs just outside the lift.  The ride down had been like torture- they needed to stop this nonsense and go back to the Hub before they were missed and they knew it.  She pressed him against a post and ran her hands up his back.  He laid a trail of nips along her jaw line and down her neck, brushing his lips along her collarbone.  She let out an indulgent sigh as a shiver went down her spine.  She didn’t know how much more of that she could take.  Finally she broke away from him.  They stared at each other, bodies tensed.

“What are we doing?”  She pleaded.

“We’re waiting for a cab.”  He said with what he hoped sounded like finality.  He was struggling to resist the temptation to touch her, standing a meter back for good measure.  “We have to go back.  I have to take you back.  This was a very bad idea.”

The cab pulled up and the both got in; they were silent all the way back to the Hub.  He once again guided her through the false wall and down the corridor to the lift.  She couldn’t look him in the eye.  They both leaned against the wall of the lift staring in opposite directions.  When it finally came to rest and the doors slid open, he was the first to move.

Owen had only taken two steps before Reggie put her hand on his arm and pulled him back.  She pulled him against her and kissed him.

He stormed out of the lift and down to the main floor.  “This is insane!  I was screwing your mother.  You’ve turned me into a nut!”  He was pacing.  He mounted the stairs to his workstation in two steps.  Reggie followed him.

“You turned me into a prisoner!”  And it was out.  That was the truth between them- everything that had happened, everything that had gone wrong, was because of him.  “Owen! How do you think this is all going to end for me?  I’m not going to be able to just go back to what I was doing.  I’m going to lose everything in this.”  Tears began to flow from her eyes, streaking her makeup.  Everything she’d kept inside her, all the crushing finality of her situation was pouring out of her like an open wound.  “I can’t ever go home!  Ever!  I just wanted to come here,” a violent sob racked her body.  “My whole life I wanted to come here and study.  My life is over.” She ripped the pins and clips from her hair and threw them at Owen.  “You’ve known all along, all of you!”  She chucked her shoes with all her might at the pillar of the monument.  They landed with a hollow metallic sound followed by a splash.  The sound mingled with the dying echoes of her tirade.

 Owen stood speechless, caught off guard by her ferocious anger.  He hadn’t been able to look at her; she was too raw, too real like this.  He felt guilty at what he was seeing- a breakdown so terrible and so absolute wasn’t meant to have witnesses.  She stood there, completely exposed with her hair a mess and her face swollen from the tears, and waited for him to react.  He couldn’t even begin, and at his silence she pushed past him and shut herself in the toilet in her room.  Owen undid the top buttons of his shirt and collapsed in his chair.  His stomach hitched violent and he leaned forward, cupping his head in his hands.  No vomit came.  He sat there, his body heaving with each convulsive breath. 


Reggie sat on the floor of the cramped, sterile toilet drawing in deep, gasping breaths with each heavy sob.  She was quivering from the sheer intensity of the emotions she’d just unleashed.  Her will had been entirely sapped by the ordeal; she pulled her knees to her chest and lay down on the floor.  She stayed like that, eventually starting to shiver from the cold tile against her skin, for over an hour.  Slowly she pushed up to her knees and crawled to the sink.  She looked nearly as bad as she had when she’d first woken up here.  She climbed slowly to her feet and began to fill the sink with cold water.  She pulled her dress over her head and put on her nightclothes.  Once the basin was full she bent forward and broke the surface of the water with her face, feeling instant relief.  She held her face under the water, willing herself to drown, but she just wasn’t strong enough to kill herself like that.  She patted her face dry on one of the immaculate towels, letting it slip to the floor, and stepped through the doorway to her room.


Owen was sitting on the edge of her bed, examining a spot on the floor between his shoes.  Neither of them spoke or moved for five minutes.  Without warning Owen sat up straight.  He turned and offered her a sad smile as he rummaged in his jacket pocket.  He pulled out a white silk scarf and stared at it intently as he ran it between his fingers.  He held it out to Reggie, not looking at her.

“Diane gave this to me.”

Reggie reached for it, gripping his hand underneath the scarf.  “Owen…” She walked toward him and sat down on the edge of the bed, still holding his hand.

“I’m sorry Reggie.”  She laid her head on his shoulder.  “Oh fuck, I’m sorry.”

Owen wrapped his arms tightly around her, there were tears in her eyes, but the out of control sobs were long gone.  She was broken by the circumstances, and he’d brought these awful things to bear.  When she turned her sad eyes upward he found his own were moist with tears.

Reggie still had the scarf wrapped around her hand.  She put her hand on his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.  The soft fabric acted as a cool barrier between their skins.  Owen resisted her pull with his lips hovering mere millimeters from hers.

“Reggie, this is a very bad idea.”

“I don’t care anymore.”  She kissed him passionately.

Their lips parted for a minute, “bollocks” Owen muttered under his breath has he lay back and pulled her down on top of him.

She slid off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing deep scars on his shoulder and chest.  She ran her hand over them before bending forward and kissing each ridge and blemish.  Her hair grazed his stomach and sent shudders through his body.  He eased into a sitting position and slid his hands under her nightshirt; running his fingers along her soft skin.

“You’re cold.” 

Reggie smiled softly and leaned in to drink from his lips again.  He worked her shirt over her head and marveled at her smooth, pale skin.  He was lost in thought for a moment.

“I’m not her…”

His eyes rose to the scar at the base of her throat and paused there before he met her gaze.  “I know…” He traced her collarbone up the side of her neck with his fingers.  “She would be so proud.”  He kissed her again and rolled her under him, pressing against her. 

Reggie had just begun fumbling with his belt when the Hub comm. buzzed, catching her breath in her throat.  Owen fished the headset from his pocket and pressed the speaker command. 

Jack’s voice boomed from the speakers.  “Owen?  Owen, I know you can hear me.  Whatever it is you think you’re about to do- don’t.  You hear me?  It’s not fair to her; you know it’s…” Owen shut off the comm. and threw the headset in the corner.

“But… What about Jack- he said…”

“I’m sick of Jack telling me what I can and can’t do.”  Owen responded sharply.

“Will he come back?”

“Nah, wouldn’t have called first.  His plans must be going well.  Where were we?”

He kissed her hungrily as Reggie resumed working on his belt.  This was a bad idea.


Owen pulled the sheet back over the body he’d just been tearing into, pausing to tuck an arm back in before snapping of his latex gloves and tossing them in the bin.  He rubbed his eyes with his hands, trying to call up what he should do next.  Things were fuzzy, he knew something was wrong.  He needed to find Jack. 

Jack- he thought.  A wave of anger passed over him.  He ran up the stairs two at a time.  He had to find Jack Harkness- he had to find Jack.

Owen was standing with his back to his workstation.  There was shouting- everyone was staring.  There was buzzing in his ears, so loud it was painful.  He shook his head in vain to clear it.  Jack was shouting at him.  His temper flared again.  Jack, fucking, Harkness.  He was tired of being insulted by Jack.  He was a fucking genius after all, he was a doctor.  He wasn’t one of Jack’s good little soldiers.  The buzzing in his head was growing louder; he couldn’t hear what was being said anymore.  Jack was still shouting- Ianto laughed.  His whole body grew hot.  Fucking Ianto had shot him.  Everything flashed red again.  He’d shot him in the back, like a fucking coward.  Jack’s nancy, pet tea-boy had shot him, was laughing at him.  The buzzing was now so loud and frantic he was sure his eardrums were going to rupture. 

Everything was tinged red, the color pulsing with his heartbeat.  Jack was shouting and Ianto was laughing.  He leapt at Ianto, slamming him against the wall.  Ianto’s head slammed against the masonry with a sickening thud.  Owen bent forward and sunk his teeth into the flesh of his neck.  The tea-boy screamed.  Owen pulled back, tearing the flesh; ripping his throat out.  Everything was red; blood dripped down the walls and stained his clothes.  Gwen screamed.


Owen awoke with a start.  It was dark.  Of course it was dark, it was the Hub.  From deep below he could hear a reverberating howl from one of the Weevils.  He shook his head to clear it, unable to remember what he’d been dreaming about.  The orange strobe from the main room came on- somebody was coming in.  He pulled his trousers on, not bothering with his shirt.  He slid quietly from Reggie’s room, pulling the door closed behind him.  He stepped into the Hub’s main room just as the security door rolled open and Jack came through.

“You disobeyed an order Owen!”  Jack did not look happy.  He stormed up the stairs.

“I’m not your sodding pet, Jack.  You can tell Ianto when to eat and when to piss, and who to shag.” He directed a sneer at Jack, “but not me.”  And don’t shout, I don’t want you waking her up.

“This whole mess is on your head!  She’s Diane’s daughter.  Do you even care what you’ve done?”

“Yeah, well, she wasn’t as good as Diane, but she’s young…” He couldn’t have wiped the smirk off his face if he’d wanted to.  He was really enjoying sticking it to Jack like this.

“She’s your goddamned daughter, Owen!”  Owen’s smirk collapsed.

“Shut your fucking mouth.”

“What you want me to think you didn’t notice?  You have the same eyes, the same sense of humor.  The same blood type!

“You’re a fucking liar.  It’s not possible.”

“The thought didn’t even cross your mind?  You were having an affair with her mother, you asshole.  You’re a Doctor; you’re supposed to know how these things work!”

This was too much, even for Owen, he had to sit down.  “Oh Jesus.”

“This is a problem Owen.  She’s…”

Owen cut him off.  “We can’t fucking tell her!”  He was a pale, and nauseated.

“No, I agree.  This isn’t her problem, it’s yours.  She’s a liability, and it’s time we came to face the truth.  Something has to be done.”

“I think I know what happened with the amnesia pill.”

“You think?  How long have you known?”

“I figured it out Wednesday.  It was one of the binding agents we used…”

“I want a full report on my desk Monday afternoon.  Tosh’ll need a copy too.  I want the two of you to come up with a new pill- high dosage.  Leave out the sedative if you have to.  I want it in my hands before you go home Friday.  Is that understood?”

“Fuck.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.” 

“You’re right.  It wasn’t.”  Jack’s demeanor was cold- he was tired of cleaning up after Owen.  “Go home.”


“That’s a direct order.”  He waited a protest from Owen.  Receiving none he continued.  “I’ll tell her I sent you home for disobeying orders and taking her outside the Hub.  That is all I will tell her.  Go get the rest of your clothes from her room and secure the lock when you’re done.”

Owen returned a moment later wearing the clothes from the previous night.  He and Jack walked to the lift.  Owen had never been quieter.  He stepped inside and reached for the button.

“By the way,  Congratulations.”

He looked at Jack.  “For what?”

Jack was not in a generous mood; he let Owen have it.  “Even I wouldn’t have sex with my own child.”

He looked at Jack with disbelief as the door slid closed.


Monday morning dawned bright and clear.  Or it would have.  Reggie sighed heavily.  When Ianto came and unlocked her room she’d been inside for about forty of the last fifty-two hours.  When she had awoken Saturday morning neither her mild hangover nor Owen’s absence surprised her.  Even Jack’s voice coming through the comm. made perfect sense.  His behavior on Monday came as a shock.

“Reggie- when you’re finished I need to see you.”  Jack’s voice rang out over the intercom.

She finished the last swallow of her tea, shared a nervous look with Ianto, and wandered into Jack’s office.  He looked up when she entered and gestured for her to sit down.

“We have a very big problem.”  Jack set down the pen he’d just been using and looked her in the eye.

“Yes Jack.”

“When I give you an order, I expect you to follow it.”


“No ‘buts’ Reggie.  I know Torchwood wasn’t part of your plans, but your actions Friday night were completely out of line.  You not only put yourself in jeopardy by leaving, you put the entire team in jeopardy.  You were not authorized to leave the Hub.  I assume it was Owen’s idea but you were both aware of your orders.  You haven’t been briefed properly- you could have accidentally released information vital to National security; you could have put thousands of lives in danger.  Security and secrecy are paramount to our work here, and I won’t have you putting members of my team at risk!”  His voice was very firm, but still hardly any louder than his normal speaking voice. 

Reggie wasn’t sure what to say- she had remained in her room because she wanted to avoid Jack confronting her but she didn’t expect his main issue to be their trip to dinner and the bar.  “Bu…”

“As long as you are here you will accept and follow orders.  Is that understood?”

“Yes Jack.”

“I think that from now on it would be better if you spent more time in your room.”  He waited to see if she would protest before continuing.  “You’re dismissed.”

Reggie slowly rose from the chair, expecting the other shoe to drop.  When nothing else happened she turned and walked from the room, stopping quickly by the conference room where Ianto was cleaning up the remnants from breakfast.

“I think I’ve just been grounded.”  She chuckled nervously.

He simply offered her a polite smile before finishing his straightening.

“Ianto- game of chess later?”

“I’ll have to check see what Jack says.  I’ll see you later Reggie.”

Reggie returned to her room and grabbed a book off of the stack in the corner: Three Theban Plays.

Reggie flopped out on top of her bed and turned to the first story, “Oedipus Rex”.

Sorry everyone- once again this part was crazy long so I had to break it in to two parts!
Tags: confrontation, fic, owen harper, regina martelli, to err is human
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